SANIYE Kosmetika Aišku, Antakių Gelis Skaidrus Vandeniui Antakių Ilgalaikio Gelio Ilgalaikis Blakstienų Fix Gelis Antakių Makiažas

€3.86 Nemokamas pristatymas

Žymos: Antakių Stiprikliai, Grožis Ir Sveikata, Pigūs Antakių Stiprikliai, Aukštos Kokybės Grožio Ir Sveikatos, Antakių Stiprikliai.

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  • Kiekis: 1Pcs
  • dydis: Full Size
  • Formulės: Skystis
  • Šalis/Regionas Gamyba: Kinija
  • Komponentas: Skystis
  • Veiksmingumo: Laikyti antakių ilgai trukti ir vandeniui
  • Savybės: Atsparus vandeniui
  • Modelio Numeris: M310
  • Kilmės: KN(Kilmės)
  • Sausas laiko: 30s-1min
  • Naudos: Natūralus
  • Pavadinimas: Antakių lietpaltis
  • Atsparus Vandeniui / Atsparus Vandeniui: Taip
  • Spalva: Švarus
  • NET WT: 3,4 ml
  • Prekės Pavadinimas: SANIYE



Reitingas: 5 out of 5 (5 votes)

Tieuthunhung 1996 2021-01-15

Good product by cons change of pins I'm less fan, I know this product I'm used to it and no by and mentioned that this one was change. In short well apart from this small downside. Poor delivery practically more than two months to arrive.

Kazakov 7100 2020-09-10

Nice thing! Came the gel in the postal package, the delivery is long, somewhere 2 months, it was necessary to take two at once. Keeps all day, if the eyebrows do not scratch then and the case with hands, it is easy to apply and easy to wash off. The volume is the size of the toothpick)), the brush is soft, good, the gel glitters a little after application, but if you slightly powder that norm! I recommend for the same as I long-eyebrow))), definitely! Let's see how much the tube will last. Thank you to the seller, although not quickly, but all the same it came, and this is the main thing!))

Valent 1941 2020-08-19

Ниче такой , пока не пользовалась , шел до мск около 2 месяцев

Mxaxillar87 2020-12-25

I order the gel for the second time. Shipping fast from 11.12 to 25.12. Track tracked. The gel is transparent, dries quickly, fixes well. Per pack 3,4 ml. There is no indication of the shelf life, after the autopsy you can store 12 months.

Rosbaratta 2021-01-18

Girls, the best eyebrow gel!!! I take it 3 times, put a friend on it. No one so does not fix, although from budget cosmetics (such as art vizage, divazh up to 200r), although the gel from Natalia Shik (800₽). This one is just a bomb, a gun

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