ESFISHING Širdys Jaukų Ledo Žvejybos Masalas, Minkštas Polaris 42mm 50pcs Nuskendo Jaukų Pesca Pigūs Žvejybos Reikmenys Spinnerbait Žvejybai ant Ledo

€3.96 Nemokamas pristatymas

Žymos: Žvejybos Masalas, Sportas Ir Pramogos, Pigūs Žvejybos Masalas, Aukštos Kokybės Sporto Ir Pramogų, Žvejybos Masalas.

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  • Pozicija: Vandenyno Roko Fshing
  • Žvejybos Minkštas Masalas Druska: Taip
  • Prekės Pavadinimas: esfishing
  • Žvejybos Minkštas Masalas Ilgis: 42mm
  • Žvejybos Minkštas Masalas Svoris: 0,5 g
  • Žvejybos Minkštas Masalas Jauką: Taip
  • Modelio Numeris: BSL-1E42
  • Kilmės: KN(Kilmės)
  • Žvejybos Minkštas Masalas Kiekis: 50pcs
  • Tipas: Dirbtinis Masalas
  • Žvejybos Minkštas Masalas Paketas: Plastikinis maišelis
  • Žvejybos Minkštas Masalas Spalva: 14 galimos spalvos
  • Kategorijos: SUVILIOTI
  • Žvejybos Minkštas Masalas Tinkinti: Taip

Polaris 42mm 50pcs Žvejybos Masalas Minkšti Plastikai, Jaukai


Suvilioti Gamintojas: Esfishing

Suvilioti Medžiaga: Premium PVC

Masalo ilgis: 42mm

Masalo svoris: 0.5 g

Masalo kiekis: 50pcs



Reitingas: 5 out of 5 (4 votes)

Ridvan Genc 2020-11-04

Lures are good, there is a small smell of chemistry, shrimp does not smell! delivery more than two months due to the fact that, the seller sent the parcel to the wrong delivery service, which I indicated when ordering!

Mdepaoli13 2020-09-23

Feedback specifically on this type of lures. Catch, do not differ from Polaris and javastika, live about 4-5 perch. First parcel unfolded customs, without opening a dispute, the seller sent again (with his words and her deployed customs), sent the seller and for the third time. The second parcel suddenly found M safely arrived through DPD. The order closed and like everything is fine. Comes say so gift parcel (third by shipment) through the mail of Russia. Well, okay, nice, but all banks seem to warm up with a building hair dryer and out of 7 expected only 6, and the colors are not the same. That's how you think about it. Like a free man, like a joint. If the second did not come, then would sit with this marriage... took for 140₽ Bank

Malavoie 2020-10-29

Lures good came to 1 city. I recommend it!

Wierdotapshoes 2020-12-18

This seller ordered for the first time. On the primary look, the rubber is not bad. Expected that it will be a little darker color (ordered oil), but this will do. The smell of the attraction is weak (I hope I do not covid))) striped catch should. To the seller Thank you very much!!! Recommend.

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